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Now paying 6%... so Revenue is Going Up Again!

Greetings !

Welcome to our New Members who recently joined ACX.
You're going to LOVE making 6% per day!

Congrats to ACX Members!

We've had a great response already since the new
Variable DSC Rate was increased to 6% DSC.

So we're on our way to getting ALL withdrawals
paid within 24 hours again!

Withdrawals Requests being Paid Late?

We should have probably increased to 6% one
or two days earlier - the revenue was very close
to NOT being able to cover all the withdrawal
requests within 24 hours - and now we have
the typical reduced revenue on the weekends.

So the current withdrawal requests in the queue
(paid in the order they were requested) will
probably NOT be caught up until sometime
on Monday or even Tuesday - and that's only
when revenue is back to normal, weekday rates.

So we need to work a little bit harder, to make sure
that we can get all the current withdrawal requests
paid, so we can get back to paying them within
24 hours.

Time to work a little harder, to get everything back
on track!

Concern about the increase to 6% so quickly?

The DSC stayed at 5% only for a few days before
it was increased to 6% - some members have
expressed concern about this.

This might be caused by keeping the DSC at 4%
too long before increasing to 5% - if you don't
increase Variable DSC fast enough, the increase
in revenue has little effect.

Let's hope that the increase to 6% is enough
for a few weeks now - it all depends on the daily
revenue increasing each week!

Positivity really helps - we can do it!

We can keep paying 6% DSC for weeks or even months...

... if We Will All Do Our Best To Keep Spending
and Sharing ACX with others.

We did it before when the Variable DSC Rate was
increased to 6% - it was previously the SWEET SPOT
in the ACX Pay Plan, where the most money was
made by ACX Members.

In 2015, ACX raised the DSC rate to 6% the first of
June, and it stay until the middle of September!

OVER 100 DAYS AT 6%!!!

Today's situation is a little different than back in
2015, but in any case, 6% is a LOT of money
very quickly!

So let's do it again!

The best way is to keep buying 6% Ad Packs...

... BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY is the Sharing ACX with

get in on this amazing opportunity.

AND... remind that how there is virtually No Risk.

Make sure you understand this!


Of course, "sharing" is definitely the most important
activity Members can do.

We have great tools for Sharing!

There are several Affiliate Website for you to
use to share ACX Tripler.

Also, Use the Withdrawal Rewards System too!

Post withdrawal proofs and make more money
to spend on Tripler Packs... up to $500. It's
easy and very effective!

Are you posting your Withdrawal Proofs?


Make Your Withdrawal Proof Even More Effective!

If the forum or social media site to which you are
posting withdrawal proofs ALLOWS you to
post your "ACX Affiliate URL" when you post your
withdrawal proof, then POST it also!!

This way you can also get direct signups from your
efforts, resulting in 10% commissions to your
ACX Account!

1) Get up to $500 per post from the Withdrawal
Rewards System

2) Make 10% on purchases that your referrals
you won from this withdrawal proof posting made.

3) ACX becomes stronger overall, and we all benefit
from your efforts.

It's a WIN/WIN/WIN situation!!!

ACX has cracked the code of financial success!

It's True! We can go to millions of dollars per
day in Sales Revenue. We've done it before, and
it's time to do it again!

Revenue has increased, thanks to Members believing
in the Power of ACX!

That's right. Our Members are responding positivity
by buying more ACX Ad Packs!

Every business opportunity on the internet (or
offline) needs people to trust in it or else
it will fail. Positivity Makes Things Happen!


The ACX systems work great as long as enough
people share and spread positive information
online - it's the ACX Simple Recipe.


All it takes is an increase in Sales Revenue
each week. Next week could be a Great Week
for Revenue... most probably a record-breaking

Everything you need to find financial success
is right here at ACX!

The most important aspects of ACX are listed below.

We want you to know how great it is to be a Member
right now.

1) You have NO excuses NOT to make a lot of money!

Everything you need to make money online is here
at ACX - a program that has been paying Daily
Sales Commissions (DSC) of at least 2% for over
four years.

- A simple pay system that ANYONE can do

- Reputable Pay Processors to handle transactions

- Daily Withdrawals paid in 24 hours or less

- Marketing tools for all mediums

- 24/7 Customer Support

- much, much more!


2) You can make a lot of money by sharing ACX.

Anyone who SHARES ACX with new people will be
paid Referral Commissions on all new purchases,
up to 3 Levels Deep.

Up to 10% on Level 1 (direct referrals)
Up to 5% on Level 2
Up to 2.5% on Level 3 (Gold Membership)

And all the tools you need are ready for you to use.


We train beginners and experts alike, for FREE!

3) You can make a lot of money WITHOUT SHARING

That's right, it's one of the most important features
of ACX Tripler - make up to $10,000 per day without
sharing ACX - just by spending money.

The reason you can do this is because we have a big
enough percentage of members who DO share ACX,
to make up for YOU (i.e. No Recruiting Necessary).


4) The Withdrawal Rewards system pays up to $500.

It's sometimes just as effective as promoting ACX
with traditional methods, so feel free to consider
using it, especially for social media and forums.


5) The same pay system ACX is currently using
motivated up to 10,000 people to sign up per day
in the past, back in 2012 - ACX Tripler is amazing!

Tripler has fixed all the problems of past ACX programs
by adopting the simple, but great JustBeenPaid (JBP)
concept, with even more important features for stability
and usability; for example, the Variable DSC Reset
feature and the Variable Daily Sales Commission


6) Don't join other programs that sell hot air.

Unless they publish a clear plan for the future,
they probably do NOT have one, so there are
very good chances that your money will be lost

...but ACX is different - it's indefinitely sustainable!


7) Committed Customer Support.

24x7x365 we are available and passionate about
you succeeding - visit our ACX Live Chat anytime.

This is clearly the BEST SUPPORT Anywhere!

8) Payment processors we currently use ALL support
Bitcoin, PayPal, Cash, Bank Wire and many other
payment methods - just use an online exchange
service to get your money on the Payment Processor
you choose, so you can buy your Tripler Packs.

Just click "Exchanger(s)" on the following page:


9) Make 400% in 35 days

It's called the 400% Strategy and it works great!


10) 100s of former ACX Members are re-activating
their accounts each day - there's huge excitement
with the new ACX Tripler!

11) Get help directly from the ACX Sales Manager.
He is one of the most successful internet marketers
ever, and he is ready to help you.

[email protected]

Members at ACX really have a good thing going, and
if we continue to promote and recruit more New
People, we'll make ACX the Best of the Best in
Online Money-making Programs.


ACX Management Team


P.S. Here are some very important points we think
should be in every update we write:

1- ACX Support Team is available 24/7 by clicking on
the LIVE CHAT feature. Our goal is to provide you with
help to make your experience at ACX enjoyable and
profitable as quickly as possible.

There is NO BETTER SUPPORT ONLINE, as we are
ALWAYS there to help you make more money!

2- All today's requested withdrawals are being worked on.
We will inform you as often as possible of any withdrawal
batches we have completed, as they happen - this will help
you request withdrawals for the smaller payment processors.
You can review these notifications in your Message Center,
under Support News - the link is near the bottom of on the
ACX Dashboard in the Member Area.

3- ACX Management invites you to take the time to fully
understand ACX - most of the following documents are
available in the Member Area Menu under "More Information":

No Risk to Spend Money at ACX

Fund with any you have - even PayPal and Bitcoin

Not Making Enough Money?

ACX Huge Advantage

What is ACX?

ACX Simple Recipe


400% Strategy

Patented Pay System

Take the ACX Challenge

Better than an HYIP

Better than JustBeenPaid

Manage Your ACX Business

Money Management Guide

Put Your Money to Work

Start with Zero Money

Unlimited Earning Potential

50 Ways to Save 100's a Month

4- If you speak a language in addition to English and would
like to help other ACX Members, we are always looking Global
Representatives who will take time to assist members in their
"first" language. In exchange for help, ACX offers many
benefits to Global Reps that can add more income and
opportunities. Read more here:


5- We think the easiest way for All Members to Share ACX
is by using affiliate websites. These are pages that are
designed to introduce ACX in a way that people will want
to join you as a New Members of ACX. Take a look at
our newest pages:


And we pay you a LOT of money to share ACX!


6- Members who want to review past Email Updates,
please go to:


7- Feel free to give us your suggestions about anything:


8- Don't forget to tell everyone about ACX - there is a huge
amount of information at the ACX Marketing Site. Plus,
posting positive comments online will always help too.


9- Join the ACX Elite Marketing Group

This is the group of most active and informed
ACX Members - you get an extra update each
day to help you make more money!


10- Don't forget this very important point - for the Tripler
System ONLY!

Spend $10, make back $15 in just 30 days (6% per day)
Spend $100, make back $150 " "
Spend $1,000, make back $1,500 " "
Spend $10,000, make back $15,000 " "


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