Ad Click XPress guarantee for advertising!
The ACX Guarantee

For a limited time, ACX Advertising Purchases are covered by our money-back guarantee.


This unprecedented move is to show the ACX Executive Team's confidence that you will find our advertising and money-making affiliate services to be superior. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the services ACX provides, you can request that 85%* of the money you spent on advertising be refunded.

More Information:

Refunds are not available for purchases of Membership Upgrades, Accelerator Upgrades, or Panels.

For ACX Affiliates, this offer is only for purchases made before a current XpressShift is announced. **

Your refund request must be made within 30 days after your purchase.

Approved refunds are typically processed within 7 days.

* 15% of all Advertising purchases are paid out in Referral Commissions immediately and therefore are not refundable, nor are the merchant fees associated with transferring funds between you and ACX.

** Refer to information about an XpressShift in the ACX Member Area.

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