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April 2, 2018

Special Announcement from ACX Management

Re: ACX Search Re-Launch Delayed

With the recent launching of the ACX Crypto Program, ACX Management has made a decision to temporarily suspend the planned re-launching of the ACX Search Program.

The problems associated with the challenging situations of the previous money-making programs such as ACX Tripler dramatically decreased the momentum of ACX Search so that there was little chance to succeed - the compensation plan of the Keyword System was also not programmed properly, causing a snow-balling of earnings that were not backed up by available funds.

When we are growing with sufficiently intensity, ACX will again redirect efforts to fix the Keyword System and overtake Google as the only Search Engine that pays participants to search the internet.

The current Initiative to Increase CTP is a very important part of reaching a critical mass situation for the ACX Crypto Program. Management is convinced that Crypto Trading Profits is the best way to secure financial gain for all members, and it will provide ACX the most stability.

To facilitate this plan, all funds and expected earnings (other than those from the Keyword System) will be transferred to the Deposited Funds Wallet of ACX Crypto - so for now, enjoy your ability to buy new Ad Packs that Earn a Minimum of 1% Per Day for Life.

Additionally, ACX Search Founders will receive Bonus Funds in ACX Crypto as the funds are transferred.

We appreciate members’ willingness to understand that even though this was a hard decision to make, shoring up ACX Crypto is much more important as we prepare for the future of ACX.

Always working for you!

ACX Management.